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My body is the brush, music my paint and the floor my canvas.

How is it possible to like someone, fuck with somebody else and still love your ex girl.

I went to practice last night and I battled a couple of my crew mates and I fucking got smoked. Shit was embarrassing. This injury come back is taking too long and it’s not like I have been practicing my hardest lately. I have to get back on my bboy grind, my moves are getting sloppy. Flavor still there, probably better than before but my arset is weak. Fuckkkk

Favorite murs track

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Hip-Hop gets me through my days in ways you could never imagine.

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Hearing how bad the situation is at the academy where I use to teach just makes me hella angry. I could give a fuck about them but when my ex-students education is at risk, it just kills me.